Alhumdulillah! We OTAE have done the first ever EPC Of the BESS (Battery Energy Storage System )
Project In Bangladesh Under the Power Cell, Funded By ADB.
energy & power
Energy is the capacity to do work, while power is the rate at which energy
is transferred or converted. In essence, energy is potential, while power
is the manifestation of that potential over time.
Software development
Software development is the process of creating, designing, programming, testing, and
maintaining software applications or systems. It involves translating user needs into code to
produce functional and reliable software products.
industrial process automation & control engineering
Industrial process automation & control engineering involves designing, implementing, and
optimizing systems that automate and regulate manufacturing processes to improve efficiency
and consistency while ensuring safety and quality standards are met.
Infrastructure Engineering
Infrastructure engineering involves designing, constructing, and maintaining essential
physical structures and systems such as roads, bridges, utilities, and buildings to
support societal needs, economic development, and environmental

The otae touch

OTAE transforms industries with second generation technology to industries with third or fourth generation technology
ensuring green, smart and energy efficient system. Team of OTAE is capable to work for artificial
intelligence engineering and cyber physical system. Our focuses are for:

Energy & Power

Energy & power system study, design & audit
transmission & Distribution sub station system (HV,MV & LV)
SAS, SCADA, smart grid & protection system

renewable & sustainable energy
Enterprise/data center power system

OTAE is one of bangladesh’s most growing design consultaltency and EPC contractors. covering with its projects the entire energy chain – from power generation to transmission, distribution and supply. Over the year, OTAE is striving to become key EPC Contractor in environment friendly projects. OTAE can successfully develop industrial power system. automation and SCADA. Installation, testing and commissioning of electrical substations for power utility at different voltage levels are also our area of expertise.

Software Development

Embedded System Design
Business Automation/ERP
Customize Utility Control Systems
Computer Clouding

OTEA starts with the premise that most businesses need outside support in finding the right service providers for their specific needs. It is hard for a company to keep up with ever changing landscape of energy & power. infrastructure engineering and utility managment system for high technologies industries based on process automation engineering and the system is more dependent on software and otae is one of the high tech.
Company provides unbiased consulting services that assist execultives in managing their business costs and descisions. As an objective agent, We help to cutomise your needs with specific solution that fit the size and budget of your compnay based on “We design as you Demand”.

software development

Industrial process automation & control engineering

Oil & Gas Process Plant Automation
Water Automation
Heavy Industrial Automation
Building Automation
The unique skill required to excel in the field of Automation & Control are best exemplified as we successfully support clients in the sector ranging from electrical. water, Oil & Gas. Environmental Monitoring system including Building Automation solution for Indusries and commercial business complex.Last 4 year’s we have been working for various private and government organization in this sector like Dhaka WASA, RPGCL, PADMA OIL, BABYLON GROUP and so on.

Infrastructure Engineering

Design, consultancy, Engineering and Construction of
Civil, Steel and Electromechanical Infrastructure
Energy Efficint CHP Co-Generation process plant
CPS-G4 Based Green Industries and commecial building IT & Telecommunication Infra Structure
The OTAE ensures the perfect engineering design of the industrial buildings, best solution and service for customer to get right infrastructure as required with reference guide line of USGBC and endure to reduce carbon footprint and go Green strategies.
The OTAE services include design, supply, and construction of smart buildings by its in-house team like: Design, consultancy, Engineering and Construction of.
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