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Intelligent Communication Enterprise Hardware

Controller | Gateway | RTU | FRTU | PLC
Flexible • Expandable • Powerful • Central • Distributed

Programmable Controller

Powerful processing unit
with embedded
communication controller,
utilized as the central and
distributed architecture
for power system
monitoring, control and
automation application to
wide varieties of industry.
Available in rack type and
modular configuration to
fit the need.

Wireless Controller

Supports GSM/GPRS/3G/LTE internal modem
2 SIM cards support: 1 internal, 1 external or 2 internal
High scalability & I/O density
Multiple communication ports including: Ethernet,
RS232, RS485 and RS422
Supports wide variety of protocols

Compact RTU

Stand alone configuration
with integrated PSU,
powerful CPU, flexible
PSX and expandable I/O is
a great fit for discrete and
distributed power
automation application
from a pole top to MCC
with the programming
language embedded
helps in doing local
control functions for
critical applications.

Smart Modular Controller

• Optimal adaptation in size, capability and
performance to each particular need
• High I/O density
• IEC61131-3 PLC automation logic
• IEC61850-3 EMC compliant
• Real time clock with 1.5 ppm time drift
• Built in high performance 528 MHz processor


Combined with the power
of hardware and software
to acquire, convert, and
translate data from any
protocol to desired ones in
many-to-many method.
Ideal for multi-platform
based environment.
Supports power metering
solutions for distribution


Combined with the power
of hardware and software
to acquire, convert, and
translate data from any
protocol to desired ones in
many-to-many method.
Ideal for multi-platform
based environment.
Supports power metering
solutions for distribution

Rack Mounted Controller

• Wide variety of protocols
• IEC 61131 logic engine
• Optionally include conformal coating
• Supports upto 16 Remote I/O expansion modules for
various combinations of I/O
• Built in high performance processor for 651 MHz with
8 GB expandable memory
• Could report upto 8 control center on multi-master
• Serves as the IEC 61850 server application
• 4 serial ports, two ethernet ports, 2 RSTP port

Advanced Distribution Management System

Electrical SCADA

eSCADA provides real-time
visualization via intelligent
graphical user interface
comprising of one-line
schematics, substation
views, distribution feeder
layout, geospatial diagrams
and analytical dashboards.

Distribution Management System

DMS proactively reduces
peak demand, optimizes
network assets, while
assisting distribution
networks deliver electricity
more efficiently, reliably,
securely and economically.

Outage Management System

OMS minimizes outage
disruption by enabling faster
detection and restoration
through enhanced
situational awareness,
automation, and effective
use of field crews.

Electrical SCADA

Monitoring & Visualization

SCADA Human Machine Interfaces
(HMI) provides a modern graphical
dashboard with electrical intelligence
and situational awareness.
Smart visualization views, combined
with predictive analytics, enable
the system dispatcher to effectively
view and analyze key performance

Communication Protocols

ETAP’s communication architecture
integrates seamlessly with third-party
hardware, substation automation
equipment, RTUs, PLCs, etc.
regardless of manufacturer model
and protocol. Direct communication
protocols include Modbus®, DNP3,
IEC 101/104, IEC 61850, OPC-UA™, etc.

Alarm & Trending

Alarming & Notification management
system prioritizes sequence of
events via graphical and tabular
views. Automatically download,
visualize, trend, and archive electrical
waveforms from relays, meters,
PMUs, etc. Operation Monitor tracks,
alarms and schedules maintenance
for field equipment based on number
of operations.

Event Playback & Data Historian

Event Playback is useful for root
cause and effect investigations,
improvement of system operations,
exploration of alternative actions,
and replay of what-if scenarios. ETAP
Event Playback capabilities translate
into reduction of maintenance costs
and prevention of costly shutdowns.

Supervisory Control

Supervisory Control provides
comprehensive and flexible online
control including intelligent switching
interlock enforcement, control
validation, programmable schemes &
scripts, sophisticated built-in control
& protection algorithms, and local &
remote control inhibition.

SCADA Integrator

SCADA Integrator tool enables quick
creation of standardized and reusable
one-line diagram and HMI templates
for efficient system integration and
rapid deployment across the entire

Distribution Management System

Network Connectivity & Topology Analysis

Continuous electrical topology
processing of the system based on
real-time operating conditions.
DMS applications rely on an
accurate ‘as operating’ network
model to generate alarms and
appropriate recommendations.

Distribution State Estimation

High performance distribution
state estimation and nontechnical
loss calculations that
factor in unbalanced nature of
distribution network operations
as well as increasing penetration
of distributed generation on utility
network feeders.

Switching Sequence & Switch Order Management

Request, build, verify, approve a
complete switching sequence plan
and execute it, all in one-step.
Advanced simulation and
prediction capabilities for
unbalanced network feeders with
embedded system control logic &

Outage Management System

Planned Outage Management

Planned Outage Management System
is used by the Projects or Maintenance
department to partially or completely
deenergize electric circuits.
• Notifications & work permits
• Generate & validate switch plans

Storm Assessment

Planned Outage Management System
is used by the Projects or Maintenance
department to partially or completely
deenergize electric circuits.
• Notifications & work permits
• Generate & validate switch plans

Trouble Call Management

Trouble Call Management

Outage Analytics & Reporting

Real-time dashboard summaries and
tabulation of outage data and quality
of service indices.
• Create custom reports using drag
and drop from the data model
• Create, verify, and edit user-defined
QoS formulas

Outage Prediction & Analysis

Automatically track outages, predict
their most likely source and share
information across the network.
• Reduce duration of individual
outages by identifying the locations
• Uses customer call data and
external event data

Crew Dispatch & Management

Provides an organized and efficient
way to manage the correlation of
crews to work orders or tickets. Crew
Management user interface enhances
the dispatcher’s / supervisor’s
situational awareness via an easy to
use and visual progress of outage
restoration or work resolution.

Model-Driven Real-Time Solutions for Power Systems

Power Management System

Power Management includes powerful analytical tools that allows for detection of
system behavior in response to operator actions and events via the use of real-time
and archived data.

Generation Management System

Generation Management System is used to monitor, control, and optimize the performance of generation and transmission systems. GMS provides system balance and optimization changes to meet network  security, economic, operational, regulation, and environmental requirements.

Energy Management System

Energy Management System applications are designed to reduce energy consumption, increase electrical system reliability, improve equipment utilization, and predict system performance, as well as optimize energy usage.

Microgrid Master Controller

Microgrid Master Controller allows for design, modeling, detailed analysis, islanding detection, optimization and automated control of Microgrids used for offices, retail parks, industrial facilities, data centers, campuses, offshore facilities, ships, etc.

Advanced Distribution Management System

Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) is an integrated electrical system design and real-time power distribution management system. ETAP ADMS provides the necessary mission critical applications to efficiently, reliably and securely manage, control, visualize, and optimize distribution networks.

Intelligent Load Shedding

Intelligent Load Shedding (ILS) provides optimal, fast load shedding based on actual operating conditions of the system, including type and location of the disturbances. ILS dynamically determines the best load shedding priority in a fraction of a second.

Substation Automation

Intelligent Substation is a management application packaged as a focused product for substation automation. iSub provides protection, control, automation, monitoring, and communication capabilities as a part of a comprehensive substation solution.



The new secure hardware platform


The new secure hardware platform

The Datawatt Smart Grid (DSG) series are designed for all Datawatt hardware such as substations, RTUs and data loggers. The platform is developed because we want to offer solutions that meet all modern technical and security requirements.

The introduction of the DSG series starts in 2019. The DSG is the successor of the D05-series solutions. The desgin is completely new and meets the latest state of the art techniques and security requirements.

Flexible design & maximum security

Two important principles are used for the DSG; a flexible housing and state of the art security requirements. “These principles are important in today’s markets,” accordingly system designer Alberto Spin. The flexible housing means that the DSG design fits all existing Datawatt hardware platforms, so an easy retrofit of the installation is possible. With this design the possibilities are endless, also for using modern IoT-solutions.


Multi-purpose data logger

The D26-series are perfect data loggers or substations to control smaller objects. Telemetry functionality such as universal communication, precise event registration, simple regulation functions, alarm management and interfacing with a wide range of different devices, combined with an ultra-low power consumption, is what makes the D26-series applicable for many different purposes, amongst others:



The TriCOM is a very powerful RTU and data logger for many applications in the energy market. Because its power consumption is very low, this new unit features a battery operated version. The battery powered unit uses SMS or GSM/GPRS communication at preset intervals and has a built in modem and a large memory for data storage. Standard equipped with 4 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs and 2 analogue inputs, a serial port for communication with IEDs, a serial port for local configuration and a Ethernet port for TCP/IP communication. The D26-TriCOM is built in a high impact Polystyrene housing which is very suitable for several energy locations. For more information see the attached D26-TriCOM brochure.



The HydroCOM SMS and HydroCOM-RTU have been developed especially for the water market. The design is very low power and in combination with the low energy and accurate pressure sensor,the battery powered operation is guaranteed up to seven years. Because of the accurate sensor the deviation is better then 0,1% FSO. Standard specifications include a serial port for the connection of the level pressure sensor and a digital input for the float switch. The GSM/GPRS modem and antenna are internal.  For more information see the attached D26-HydroCOM brochure.

Waterproof housings

De D26 in a waterproof housing

After a period of research and market exploration, we have a developed a new watertight housing for our D26 series RTUs. The D26-HydroCOM can now be delivered in several housings, suitable for places where water or aggressive vapours are.The new design is completely waterproof. This application is suitable for monitoring networks in drinking water networks, surface water and waste water distribution. The unit collects and sends data from sensors that take care of the measurements in the water. The housing is water-resistant so the D26-RTU can continue to work undisturbed, even when the water tide is very high above the unit. The housing meets all IP68 requirements for water tightness. The innovative housing not only provides a water proof solution but also extra robustness for the monitoring of critical processes.

The D26-series meets on all aspects the tradition of Datawatt solutions: reliable, flexible, wide usability, low power consumption and easy operation.

Webscada -Stream

Stream webscada is the modern solution for central software systems. Stream is designed for controlling and managing geographically distributed processes or networks. The design is modern and the application is easy to use. Stream supports all browsers and can be used on PC, smartphone, tablet or iPad. The solution provides better insight in your process on a modern, efficient, and secure way. Anytime, anywhere!