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OTAE starts with the premise that most businesses need outside support in finding the right service providers for their specific needs. It is hard for a company to keep up with ever changing landscape of energy & power, infrastructure engineering and utility management system for high technologies industries based on process automation engineering and the system is more dependent on software and OTAE is one of the high tech.

Company provides unbiased consulting services that assist executives in managing their business consts and decisions. As an objective agent , we help to customise your needs with specific solutions that fit the size and budget of your company based on “We design as your demand”.

The OTAE is the first ever and leading Designing, Engineering & Integrator of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for utility in Bangladesh market.

It supports these processes with products and systems of Data Watt NL for:

  • Distribution Automation & Waste Water Transport
  • Pump-station Automation & Steam Process automation
  • Control of treatment plants & surface water management
  • Bridges, gates and locks & water quality monitoring
  • Irrigation systems & tidal gate control
  • Fire & Safety automation and control
  • Building automation system (BAS/BIS) for industries to monitor all utility system