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OTAE Energy & Power

The ultimate power solution

OTAE is one of Bangladesh’s most growing design consultancy and EPC contractors, covering with its projects the entire energy chain – from power generation to transmission, distribution and supply.

Over the year, OTAE is striving to become key EPC contractor in environment friendly projects. OTAE can successfully develop industrial power system, automation and SCADA. Installation, testing and commissioning of electrical substations for power utility at different voltage levels are also our area of expertise. Our team of engineers are experienced in the field of advanced technology with the support from world renowned technology partners like EKOS group, Metro Electric, IDS, DataWatt, ETAP and so on.

OTAE can deliver turnkey solutions according to client’s need. Our business field covers:

  • Energy and Power system study, design & audit
  • Transmission and distribution sub-station system (HV, MV & LV)
  • SAS, SCADA, Smart grid & protection system
  • Sustainable & Renewable energy
  • Enterprise/Data center power system

Energy and Power system study, design & audit

OTAE is a multi-functional engineering and technology organisation to provide premier consulting services exclusively for the electric power industry most of OTAE engagements are per diem, best effort contracts with an agreed upon scope of work, schedule, set of deliverable and budget limit.

Our services area:

  • Area of study
  • Function of study
  • Tools & Software
  • Industrial energy audit

Power Solution

OTAE is introducing High Range of MV & LV substation for industries and the utility with EKOS group of Turkey. Also do services of design, supply, installation, testing & commissioning of HV, MV & LV substation of AIS & GIS upto 33KV.

We have a full range of products of AIS, GIS, Metal clad and Hybrid switchgear with Oil type and cast resin distribution and power transformer upto 20/26 MVA.


High voltage & transformer
High voltage & low voltage module
High voltage module
Transformer module
Medium & Low voltage module
Low voltage module

Fixed Type Transformer substation LV & MV

Underground substation
Semi underground substation
Ground substation
All mobile substation on skid


SAS, SCADA, Smart grid & protection system

The OTAE is the first ever and leading designing, engineering and integrator of the utility system control and data acquisition SCADA sas and protection control system in Bangladesh market. OTAE supports these processes with products and system of ETAP solution for electrical and power system and stream for water automation and IDS gmbh for protection control system.

SAS, SCADA, Smart grid & protection system

Short circuits and earth faults do not only lead grid outages and, consequently, incalculable risks, but also cause damages to switchgear and, in he worst of cases, to persons. More than ever, efficient solutions for protection and control are required to meet these and other challenges that have arisen from the injection of renewable energies into the power grids.

The ACOS 300 protection devices from IDS offers reliable protection for medium and high voltage grids and installations, including their operation and monitoring. 

Sustainable & Renewable energy



From planning, permitting, to engineering, procurement,
construction and maintenance. The OTAE projects for a variety
of solar energy projects around Bangladesh. As a joint venture partner, we offer PV modeling of PV generator and grid interconnection studies from ETAP. Recently we have delivered and commissioned 8MW Sympa Solar Grid power plant for Tetulia.

PV Array & Solary Panel

Solar penetration studies

Generation Management System

Wind Turbine & Solar Panel performance monitoring prediction
of system response to operator actions.

Wind Turbine Generator

Grid interconnection studies

Wind farm collector System design

Wind penetration studies

Solar farm collector system design

Enterprise/Data Center Power System

Explore our power solutions

Power distribution network for enterprise edition

Backup power/UPS

Hybrid power pack (Solar-DC-ONGRID) System