Utilities Management Solution

Optimal design of utilities assure right quantity, quality and efficient production

Optimal Track Automation and Engineering provides the practical solution in the various fields of utilities management systems. We provide the realistic engineering solutions based on customer’s requirements and our wide experiences in the field. OTAE also offers the optimal design, details BOQ and BOM, budgetary estimation to reduce utilities investment and operation cost.

We have business partnership with some world renowned utilities management solution providers such as Bell Flow Systems Ltd from UK, PIUSI from Italy, Z-Tide Group from Taiwan, MSA from Czech Republic and Ne-Way from China.

Scope of Utilities Management

  • Water utility management (hot, cold, liquor and effluent)
  • Gas utility management System
  • Oil utility management system
  • Air utility management system
  • Steam and Condensate utility management system
  • Fire fighting utility management system
  • Electrical utility management system