Energy Audits

Optimal use of energy can assure best returns

We do the Energy Audit in the core field of Industrial Utilities such as Steam, Condensate, Cold and Hot Water, Waste Liquor, Oil, Gas and Air. We also do the Energy Audit in Electrical Utility Management System. The main focus of OTAE Energy Audits are to find out the existing lacks in the utilities system, recommend the best engineering solution of energy conservation for short, medium and long-term along with financial implications. The audit report is based on physical inspection, detail survey on of plants, including various tests, measurements and present trends.

Results of OTAE Energy Audit

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Purging of energy wastage
  • Accurate quantity and quality of monitoring of the consumption of utilities
  • Savings in costs and boost in returns
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Saving in downtime of equipment
  • Increase in process output
  • Improvement in product quality and quantity
  • Making the right decision in at right time
  • Safe working environment
  • Environment friendly Green Industry
  • Maintain global industrial standards