Entrepreneurship Consultancy

Appropriate documentations help to take right decision in right time

The One Technology & Advance Engineering provides Consultancy in the core field of Textiles, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Pulp and Papers, Polymers and Packaging, Foods and Beverages, Oil, Gas and Power plant. We provide the engineering documents of business profiles which help to get approval from right authorities and investment from financial entities. Our consultancy helps to take decision about business location selection, machines, equipment and accessories as well as process evaluation to go with profitable productions. We do the efficient designs with details drawings and documents to assure right quality and quantity of production.

Scope of Services

  • Entrepreneur policy support
  • Commercial parameter analysis
  • Engineering parameter analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • Project layout
  • Selection of machines, equipment and accessories
  • Machines and Equipment arrangement drawings
  • Piping systems design and drawings
  • Bill of Materials with details technical specification
  • Budgetary cost
  • Manufacturing design and drawings for fabricated equipment such as Oil Tank, Feed Water Tank, Water Reserve Tank, Piping Pockets, Flash Steam Vessels, Chimneys, Air Dryer, Steam Header, Water Header, Moisture Separator, Bio-Gas Filters and associated accessories
  • Vendor evaluation based on commercial and Technical Prospect 
  • Recommendation for right purchase
  • Feasibility of SCADA use for remote control and monitoring
  • Energy conservation from Heating and Cooling system to optimize operation cost