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IT & Telecommunication

Your one stop shop for reducing Telecom, Energy & IT costs 
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Entrepreneurship Consultancy

Appropriate documentations help to take right decision in right time 
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Energy Audits

Optimal use of energy¬†can assure best returns 
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Utilities Management Solution

Optimal design of utilities assure right quantity, quality and efficient production 
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Process Management Solution

Optimal design of process guarantees the best production 
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SCADA Solution

SCADA to reduce operation and production cost 
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Instruments & Controls

Precise instrumentation & controls ensure smooth & efficient operation  
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Our Clients

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Water Operators Partnership
Vitens Evides International
Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor
Dhaka WASA
MJL Bangladesh Ltd
Babylon Group

Our Partners

Bell Flow Systems
Piusi S.p.a.
MSA Rimera Group
Lonking Machinery Co., Ltd.